Hammarö Basket P07

Registration number: 1009
Registrator: Daniel/Karolina Mattsson Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Daniel Mattsson
Henrik Kihlström
3:rd highest goal count per match among the teams in P07 (30.0)
3:rd highest goal count among the teams in P07 (120)
In addition to Hammarö Basket, 7 other teams played in Pojkar 07. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Hammarö Basket could be found in Group B together with Norrköping dolphins, Länghems basket and Karlstad Suns Vit.

Hammarö Basket continued to Slutspel B after reaching 3:rd place in Group B. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against Arvika Basket with 25-29. In the Final, Arvika Basket won over Kvarnby Basket and became the winner of Slutspel B in Pojkar 07.

Hammarö Basket also participated in Pojkar 07 during Kungsbacka Basketcup 2020. They reached the final in Slutspel B, but lost it against Arvika Basket with 37-39 and ended up in second place.

4 games played


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